Full Throttle Inc.
From humble beginnings to incredible success...

Full Throttle Inc. got its start back in 2002 when we started manufacturing Goldfinger™, a left side throttle kit for snowmobiles which we offered at less than half the price of our competitor’s throttle kit. Although Goldfinger™ was initially designed for the mountain sled marketplace, we have been utterly amazed at the number of flat-land and trail riders who have ordered this product. Due to hundreds of requests from ATV riders, we now have a Goldfinger™ left throttle for some ATVs, and we will soon have kits available for other makes and models. We also have introduced the Hot Pot and Hot Pot Jr., which have both become overwhelmingly successful in the snowmobile market.

If you have any suggestions to improve our products or even a new product idea of your own, we encourage your input.